5 UX Laws To Increase The User Engagement Of Your Mobile App

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3 min readSep 7, 2021

While there are dozens of apps to solve a problem, each needs to have a different approach to it. A unique approach in UX Laws from web application development companies as well as development not only makes the app stand out, but it can also increase the revenue fold.

Almost every app has several development stages. Starting from requirement analysis all the way up to testing and deployment. But one of the most crucial and earliest steps out of these is Design. From an early wireframe to full-fledged mock-ups, they determine how the user is going to use the app, what actions will stand out to the user and how will the user access them. It's like creating a lawn for the user to take a stroll in.

If the user's path gets obstructed, or at any point, the user feels confused or if the path seems too long, the user will quit!

Keeping this in mind, our development team makes sure to get involved in the design process as well. This not only makes the work go smoothly but also helps achieve the aim for which the app was designed. It helps the developers to understand and keep the same goal in mind while app development.

UX Laws

There are many established designer UX laws that we follow to create a more intuitive and appealing user experience. Some of the most important UX laws are:

1. Hick's law

According to this UX laws, the increase in the number of choices for an action will increase the time taken for the user to decide logarithmically. Simply put, this means that more the choices, more the time it will take for the user to select one. Hence, we try to cut down the number of options/actions that a user can take when navigating on a screen.

2. Zeigarnik effect

Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik first studied the phenomenon of why a waiter had better recollection of unpaid orders than that of paid orders. Turns out users tend to remember uncompleted tasks better than completed tasks. This applies in an app’s user experience (UX) too! For example, by reminding the user with a progress bar, we can drive the user to complete his/her profile!

3. Von Restorff Effect

Also known as The Isolation Effect, this UX laws predicts that when many similar objects are present, the one that differs from the rest is most likely to be remembered. This can be helpful in cases such as highlighting a subscription offer over another, or in other places where a user might have options.

4. Serial Position Effect

Users best remember the first and last items in a list. That is, other elements are less likely to remain in the memory of users. Because of this, we place key actions either on the extreme left or right inside elements such as the action bar. Another great UX law to know about!

5. Miller's law

According to this law, an average person can only keep 5 to 7 actions in their working memory. If there are any more, chances are that the user will not focus on it. Hence we make sure that at any point in time in an app, the number of actions that can be taken never goes beyond 5.

This helps users to stay focused and spend more time using the app rather than making decisions. There are many minute observations and techniques, that enhance the user experience in the app.

These phenomena, not only help the users but also increases an app’s user engagement. This, in turn, will lead to happy users and happy businesses!

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