6 Awesome Benefits Of PWA Development For Online Businesses

  • 52 percent of users usually avoid engaging with brands that provide poor UX.

These mobile UX stats showcase the importance of mobile experience to retain users in your website. Nowadays, with proper representation of your brand on mobile devices using apps and PWA development, you can effectively gain higher conversions and enhance overall reach. Further, it also solves accessibility woes for your business and helps you access multiple channels.

However, if you are just starting or have a limited budget, creating a mobile application might not be a feasible option for your business. A better alternative to this would be to adapt to PWA development services. It can help you provide app-like navigation to your users without investing in traditional mobile application development.

If this sounds like an approach that can provide your business liberation from a high bounce rate, stay tuned! With this article, we will take an in-depth look into the benefits of the PWA development and how you can craft one for your website. But before we dive into that, let us first understand about PWAs (Progressive Web Apps).

What Are PWAs?

PWAs are commonly known as Progressive web apps. PWA development can assists your website to provide an app-like navigation experience to mobile device users. Further, PWAs also allows your website to send notifications, reminders, etc. just like a native mobile application. Users can also download your web app for efficient accessibility.

Moreover, you can also handle a range of connectivity issues such as low network, data obstruction, and lack of connectivity. As with the help of PWA development, you can efficiently deliver a static version of your website. It can help you ensure smooth navigation during connectivity issues to ensure a smooth navigation experience. It serves as a great alternative to heavy native applications and also helps merchants with affordable maintenance.

Top Benefits Of Adapting to PWAs

PWAs are not only an alternative for a native application, but they can also open up the realms of better reach and accessibility for your online business. It can enhance the way you present your brands in a variety of ways. With brands such as Google Meet and Spotify using PWA to enhance their user’s experience, it is a must-have for businesses. To help you understand aspects that you can enhance by using PWAs, here’s a list of benefits of adapting to PWA development:

App-like Navigation

Downloading mobile applications for one-time purchases or services can be quite a hassle for users. However, compromising on user experience for mobile devices is also not a road that you can take while aiming for global domination.

In such scenarios, adapting to PWA can be a wise option. It will help you provide an app-like navigation experience in the mobile browser for securing efficient navigation. Further, you won’t have to force your buyer to get an app for accessing effective navigation.


PWAs are bliss for startups and SMBs with a limited budget. It will help you to make your business mobile-friendly without having to invest in the Native mobile application development process. Further, PWAs are usually manageable and are one-time investments contrary to Native applications.

So, you can bid adieu to consistent worries about the management and updates. Hence, we can conclude that for an affordable tech solution to make your business mobile-friendly, PWAs can be a great choice.

Faster Development

PWAs work on headless architecture. As a result, it works as an independent entity from the backend, which makes personalization a faster and hassle-free process. Further, it provides you the flexibility to use the technology of your choice. As a result, PWA development is an amazing option for merchants trying to represent their unique products and services.

What is Headless Architecture?

Headless Architecture separates the backend and frontend of web applications. As a result, both of them acts as a separate entity which communicates via APIs. It makes websites more flexible and customizable. Many CMSs also provide user scope for working on the Headless Architecture model.

Improved Performance

Although to make your website mobile-friendly, you can also make it responsive. However, when it comes to app-like performance, it might not be a great choice. With PWA development, you can not only make your UI look smooth in mobile browsers, but you can also provide fast performance. It is because PWA UIs usually use popular JS-based frontend libraries that are lightweight.

Conversion Centric

PWAs can help you enhance your conversion dramatically. Since PWAs provide a smooth app-like experience for your business, this makes users engage for a longer period in your mobile websites. Hence, it enhances the chances for your buyers’ purchasing your brand.

Further, if you use proper wireframe while designing PWA for your brand, you can craft a navigation pattern that automatically increases buyer motivation. Our product designers are pros at crafting conversion-centric web apps. Here is one of our web app development projects to provide you with deeper insight.

Compatible With CMSs

CMSs are one of the most common ways through which brands run and operate online. However, if you are wondering whether your PWA integration is platform-specific only, worry not! Since PWAs work on Headless Architecture, you can ask your PWA development company to integrate it with any CMS you need. CMSs such as WP, Magento, and Shopify also provide pre-made APIs for PWA integration. As a result, it makes the whole process faster and easier.


PWAs are manageable and scalable. It is because, the UI/UX of PWA is not connected to the backend, which makes creating changes in it easier for developers. As a result, showcasing new launches and products on mobile devices becomes much easier with PWAs.

Tools And Technologies For PWA Development

From the discussion above, we can conclude that with the help of PWA development, you can effectively work on multiple aspects of your online business. However, to ensure that the solution caters to your business requirements working with the right tools and technologies is vital. For this, you should list your business needs and gather information about tools that can easily cater to them. If this looks like an overwhelming task, below is a list of some essential tools and technologies that can help you craft amazing PWAs:


React is a JS-based library that can effectively assist your PWA development company to create unique PWAs. Further, it also allows faster development as it provides reusable components to developers. Moreover, if you plan to integrate multiple third-party solutions for efficient navigation, adapting to React can help you. It can help you to use a variety of third-party solutions without affecting the overall performance.

Vue js

If your business needs a lightweight PWA that integrates with the CMS of your choice, Vue.js can be a great option. It is also another Javascript-based framework. It uses HTML tags to incorporate code reusability, data binding, and event handling. Vue.js provides pre-built templates, which your development team can use to create effective PWAs with ease. Further, the PWA templates in Vue.js can facilitate easy integration with the user backend. So, you can use it for representing your business no matter what CMS you choose to adopt for your business operations.


Polymer is a dedicated framework developed by Google for PWA development. It offers a variety of tools, templates, and components to facilitate a faster development process for a smooth and efficient development experience. It also has web stack support for developers by providing features such as data tier, routing, and pre-built layouts.


Lighthouse is a tool that can make the process of PWA development easier. It analyses your website and offers insights on aspects that you must work on for making your website ready for web app development. Hence, it is a must-have element for your technology stack to ensure a hassle-free development process.


Ionic is a unique and open-source software development kit. It runs on Angular and Apache Cordova to facilitate efficient hybrid app development and PWA development. With the help of Ionic, you can create a unique web app and run it on your user’s browser by using web view. One of the perks of using Ionic is that your developers will have access to a variety of APIs and UI components for crafting interactive web apps.

To Wrap Up

Progressive Web Apps can be of great aid if you are trying to improve your overall business accessibility. It can make your products and services easily available to your target audience without making dents in your budget. Moreover, by adapting to PWA development, you can avoid management woes that come with crafting native business applications. So, use the mentioned above tools for creating a unique and out-of-the-box PWA for your business to thrive online.

To get further assistance in crafting amazing PWA for your business, get in touch with our PWA experts today. We can easily craft industry-specific PWA for your business and help you stand ahead of the curb in the online marketplace.



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