7 Options to Modernize Legacy Applications for Future

Gartner’s model to modernize legacy application

The Gartner three-step review procedure might help you figure out how to modernize legacy applications.

Step 1: Assess legacy systems based on six drivers.

Application modernization is driven by six key factors. Consider the following factors while deciding whether or not to modernize:

  1. Business Fit: Consider how your present IT environment aligns with your organization’s vision, market needs, and the competitive strength it provides.
  2. Business value: The worth of a company. What added value are you delivering in the short and long term by investing in new technologies?
  3. Business Agility: Business agility should be a fundamental criterion for evaluating existing technology in the software age.
  4. Complexity: Migrating to new technologies can be extremely challenging, increasing the cost of change.
  5. Risk: Compare and contrast the risks and benefits of new technology investments. Technical obstacles, cost, and soft factors are all possible dangers.
  6. Cost: Consider the operating expenses, capital expenditures, technical debt, and total cost of ownership of your digital transformation and application modernization projects.

STEP 2: Determine whether or not modernization is necessary.

Examine possibilities to modernize legacy applications once the opportunity has been chosen and the problem has been recognized.

  1. Encapsulate:

STEP 3: Select the most effective and valuable modernization strategy

Finally, map the seven alternatives to modernize legacy applications in terms of their impact on technology, architecture, functionality, cost, and risk to determine which modernization method will have the greatest impact and value for your firm.

Pro Tip: Use Gartner’s TIME framework to Prioritize What is important

It’s time to prioritize after you’ve found and gathered information on a number of potential legacy technologies.

The Key Takeaways:

Most firms today must modernize legacy applications for their business. The key to modernization is to analyze all possibilities to see how much of each will have the desired result — with the least amount of effort and the greatest beneficial impact. But because legacy modernization is difficult and expensive, it is fiercely avoided.



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