All About Long- term IT Support and Maintenance Services

Why Invest in Long-term IT Support and Maintenance

1. Provide the best user experience

2. Minimize Uninstalls

3. Ensure long-term revenue

4. Maintain your competitive advantage

5. Keep your brand name in the forefront

6. Taking Care of Downtime

7. Security

But, What Exactly Do the IT Support and Maintenance Services entail?

  • Support for new operating systems and devices ensures that you are constantly current and relevant.
  • Bug fixes ensure that everything runs well at all times, as well as avoiding potentially huge long-term costs if permitted to accumulate. Additionally, unresolved problems may cause your app to crash.
  • Because your company deserves to be in the best possible shape in the digital age, you should strive for continuous improvement.
  • Backups are performed on a regular basis to ensure that your data is not lost.
  • Manage the servers and databases on the cloud with hosting maintenance and monitoring.
  • Monitor your app’s uptime to ensure the application is available and functional.
  • Because users are at the heart of your business, you must promptly respond to their reviews, feedback, and technical issues.
  • Analytics and reports that allow you to keep an eye on your backend and user experience at all times.
  • Add or remove features that work the best for the user experience.

Ways for Opting for IT Support and Maintenance Services

1. Engaging the services of a freelancer

  • It is cheaper than other options.
  • Will help you with a very specific technology (which can be a con too).
  • Cost is determined by your agreement with the freelancer.
  • Not at all dependable.
  • Errors/mistakes are most likely to occur.

2. Hiring an IT support and maintenance firm

  • They have an experienced and specialized team members
  • The firm will focus on IT core functions.
  • Professional IT teams know how to help you maximize your company app performance.
  • Credibility to have sufficient understanding and deliver fast results as they work as a team.
  • Peace of mind, because maintaining your app is remains the company’s full-time job.
  • Higher-quality support because they’ll be more knowledgeable about the app and emerging technology than anyone else.
  • Might be costlier, but this totally depends on which country you are outsourcing and the firm’s experience.
  • Your doubt and fears.

3. Recruiting an In-House Team to Manage

  • They know your business and your people.
  • There is flexibility in using IT services.
  • Can fix problems quickly if there any case of emergency.
  • Errors / Mistakes are more likely to occur.
  • Developing know-how of the existing app takes time when there isn’t a full-time CTO on board.
  • Can deviate your business from providing its core value to customers.
  • The cost might be more as you have to hire CTO, Project Manager, Designer, Backend Developer, System Engineer, Frontend Developer, and App Developer on a full-time basis.

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Terasol Technologies

An app development agency taking small steps towards building a brighter future. Visit us at

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