Custom CRM Software and Its 8 Essential Features To Improve Sales

  • It makes managing and catering to customer-specific needs easier.
  • Provides you with reliable customer-related data for improving your products and services.
  • It automates numerous tasks such as emailing and sales follow-ups to make the business management process more efficient.
  • Simplifies coordination amongst different business sections for enhancing customer service and user experience.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer relationship management) software is a business tool that can help you manage your user’s data efficiently. With the help of proper CRM integration, you can easily manage your user’s service woes, contacts, sales opportunities, etc. In the long run, efficient management will help you streamline your business operations and scale your services with ease.

Operational CRMs

An Operational CRM helps your business to evolve according to your buyers’ needs. For this, such custom CRM software collects customer data and assists you in analyzing aspects that you can improve for attaining your business goals.

Analytical CRMs

Analytical CRMs provide data visualization of your customer’s interaction at every point of your sales funnel. In the long run, Analytical CRM can help your business expand according to your vision. You can also use the data to provide buyers with a better shopping experience.

Collaborative CRMs

If you work alongside multiple partners or have a large variety of different business segments, collaborative CRMs can be of great help. It can help your business in improving their coordination according to the customer’s data and their needs.

Campaign CRMs

Campaign CRMs collect customers’ data. You can use this to target users efficiently while running sales and marketing campaigns. You can also use custom CRM software development services to choose the data that you need.

Strategic CRMs

Strategic CRMs can help you in making the right business choices. It provides you with in-depth user data and business-specific market trends. You can use this data for making further business expansion choices and thrive in your marketplace.

Why Should you choose custom CRM software development?

  1. With the help of custom CRM software development, you can easily cater to your buyer and business-specific needs
  2. A customized solution also helps you to analyze your data more efficiently. With this, you can get better business insights for further expansion as well.
  3. It also makes accessing advanced features more affordable, and you can also answer any system issues more efficiently while using a customized solution.
  4. Lastly, the custom CRMs are more user-friendly as your in-house team of web developers will consider your personalization needs as well during the development.
  5. You can add and remove functionalities from your custom CRM according to your business needs. It makes custom CRM software development a better investment as you will only pay for the functionalities you are using.

Essential Features For Your Custom CRM Software

Contact Management

Collecting customers’ data and organizing them is one of the basic functionalities your CRM must-have. With the help of well-organized data, you can group your customers according to their needs. In the long run, it will help you in catering to their requirements and provide a better experience for your target audience.

Sales Team Management

To make the best out of CRM, ensuring that your sales team can identify customer-specific behavior is vital. You can use the collected data for improving your marketing campaigns and sales strategy. For this, your custom CRM software must sport analytics such as lead scoring for identifying better opportunities.

Lead Management

Getting consistent leads can become challenging and confusing for businesses that don’t monitor their lead data. So, understanding aspects of your business that is drawing conversion with the help of a specific dataset is crucial. For this, during CRM software development, you must integrate lead management features providing in-depth insight for every conversion. It will help your team to enhance your business’s USPs to drive higher revenues.

Dashboard UI/UX

Your custom CRM should also have a user-friendly dashboard. By creating an easy-to-use dashboard, your team members will be able to experience better productivity. For this, you must ensure that every element in the CRM dashboard is visible and accessible for your team members. Also, you can quote the CRM software development services to use consistent fonts, colors, and icons in the dashboard for maintaining consistency.

Mobile-Friendly CRM

For making your CRM accessible on the go to ensure consistent workflow, making it mobile-friendly is a must. For this, you can craft your CRM’s UI to be accessible for every screen size. It will also ensure that your business operation doesn’t suffer due to accessibility woes.


Automation plays a vital role in making your business operation faster and more accurate. With the help of CRM, you can easily bid adieu to daunting manual tasks and focus on expanding your business. Further, by automating processes with the help of a CRM software development company, you can avoid human errors. Essential tasks that you can automate through CRM are follow-up campaigns, data organization, and confirmation calls.

Sales Performance Management

Data organized by sales representatives and automatically generated campaign data can help your sales team to understand aspects that would improve sales. For this, providing data regarding sales and conversion performance of strategies and campaigns via your CRM is essential. In the long run, doing so can assist your business team in finding USPs and aspects that can be used for bringing higher sales.

File Sync

You can use CRM to sync a variety of crucial data. It includes spreadsheets, emails, and content information. With the help of the File sync feature, you can centralize your data and improve accessibility across your team members.

Final Words

The custom CRM software development process is a perfect solution for businesses trying to deepen their connections with target users. However, to ensure that a CRM serves the business-specific needs, crafting a custom solution with assistance from an efficient custom CRM software development company is necessary.



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