How To Start Your Career As A Product Designer?

1) Copy

2) Change

3) Create

Are these the only three stages? Of course not. They’re only a guide to help you to start your career in Product Design based on my experience.

1) Stage 1: Copy

This is the first stage where you should start follow designers on Dribble, Behance, Instagram or YouTube and try to copy their well-created designs. Copying doesn’t only mean recreating things but also understanding the science behind it. You need to understand the composition, typography and color schema used by the designer whose work you are recreating. Understanding their thinking patterns will help you improve your own skills.

2) Stage 2: Change

Now, this is the second and most important stage where you will not just imitate the work of the designers you are following but reinvent it by adding your own flavors. This is the time where you have to start publishing your work. Don’t be afraid to start sharing your designs, even if they are inspired by other's work instead give them credit.

3) Stage 3: Create your Product Design


If you want to be a good product designer, don’t delay and don’t doubt yourself. Go to Dribbble, Behance, and follow designers whose work you admire. Pick your favorite shots and start copying. Keep doing it over and over and you’ll develop skills over time. Eventually, you’ll be able to create the same things the way your favorite designers can do.



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