NodeJs vs Go- Which is Best for Backend Development?

What is NodeJS?

Pros of Node Development

  • Concurrent request processing is aided by asynchronous event-driven IO.
  • Share the same code on both the server and client sides.
  • JavaScript has an easy learning curve.
  • npm, or Node packaged modules has already grown to enormous proportions and is continually expanding.
  • Active and dynamic community, with a lot of code posted on GitHub, for example.

Cons of Node Development

  • When using Node, dealing with relational databases is a hassle.
  • Node.js is not designed to handle CPU-intensive tasks. It is only suitable for I/O tasks (like web servers).
  • If someone starts Node without first going into JavaScript, he may run into conceptual issues.

What is Golang?

Pros of Go Development

  • Because the language has easy-to-use syntax, new developers may quickly learn it.
  • Golang is a scalable and fast programming language.
  • It is relatively new and has a rising skill pool.
  • Complete programming tools are provided.

Cons of Go Development

  • While Go’s simplicity has many advantages, it also keeps several strong high-level features at bay.
  • More computational resources are used.
  • It will take time to build a significant Go ecosystem.
  • Generic functions are not supported in Go.

Nodejs vs Golang-Which is the best for the backend development?

Nodejs vs Golang-Learning Curve

Nodejs vs Golang- Maturity

Nodejs vs Golang- Scalability

Nodejs vs Golang- Performance

Raw performance

Real-world performance

Nodejs vs Golang- Handling Errors

Nodejs vs Golang- Finding developers

Nodejs vs Golang- Tools for Development

Nodejs vs Golang- Concurrency

Nodejs vs Golang- Ecosystem

Nodejs vs Golang- Community

Wrapping Up Nodejs vs Go




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