ReactJS Or AngularJS: Which One Is Better Frontend Development Framework In 2020

ReactJS or AngularJS

What is ReactJS?

What is AngularJS?

Features of ReactJS

  1. The components which are used in ReactJS are reusable. These will help you to maintain the code when working on larger-scale projects.
  2. The data flow in ReactJS is unidirectional. Because of the single-direction flow of data, you will have better control over the application.
  3. It uses the JFX Syntax extension which is very simple to code and understand as well.
  4. The Performance of ReactJS is very good. Because it manages a virtual DOM. When we write virtual components, they will turn into the DOM, which leads to smoother and faster performance.

Features of AngularJS:

  1. AngularJS uses a two-way data binding process. It synchronizes the data between the model and views components automatically.
  2. It has several built-in services that it provides the user with.
  3. It had built the User Interface in HTML. It provides an organized, smooth, and structured interface.
  4. One of the most important aspects of single-page applications is Routing and AngularJS provides it to the users.

History of ReactJS:

History of AngularJS:

What are the benefits of AngularJS front-end Development?

  • AngularJS has become a trendy concept for making a single-page application.
  • A small community of developers in Google maintains it, which assures the user that the application or the system components are made using the best collection of source code.
  • It uses a very simple MVC (Model View Controller) architecture for web application advancements. The engineer only needs to component the application and AngularJS will deal with everything else.
  • If you use AngularJS for making an application, you do not need to wait for a longer testing time. In addition, Angular JS comes with real-time and in-built modules to support in-depth and functional testing for every module you build.

Disadvantages of ReactJS:

  • The pace of development of ReactJS is too fast for some developers. They are not able to learn new ways to make applications as there are frequent updates.
  • With so many updates the developers have no time to make proper documentation.
  • ReactJS Covers only the UI Layers of the app and nothing else. So, you need some other tools to cover the rest of the part of making an application.

Disadvantages of AngularJS:

  • In case you are a developer who follows the traditional way and is completely unfamiliar with the MVC architecture, then using AngularJS can be time-consuming.
  • The browser may take time to render pages of websites and applications designed using the framework.
  • The developers will take time to get adapted to the framework.

1. How to decide If ReactJS app development is the right choice for you?

  1. Your team should know how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  2. The projects that you take for application making require a very highly customized app solution.
  3. In the process of developing an application, we require a lot of different features and various states.
  4. The project also requires the sharing of different components across different applications that you are making.

2. How to decide if Angular app Development is the right choice for you?

  1. Your team clearly needs to understand how to use languages like C#, Java, and the previous versions of Angular.
  2. Angular is best suited for low-medium complexity apps.
  3. You need to have ready-to-use solutions with you and in addition to this, you need to have a higher rate of productivity.
  4. If your team needs to use Bundle Budgets via the CLI option, then Angular is the way to go. It allows Developers to limit the app size to pre-decided values.




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