Rust vs Go: Which is the best programming language to use in 2022?

What is Rust?

Advantages of Rust

  1. Rust provides predictable behavior of run time with exceptional speed.
  2. It is compatible with cross-platform and can easily be integrated with languages like C.
  3. Rust provides access to the best syntax and rich patterns with special ownership features.
  4. It runs on embedded devices and provides memory safety.
  5. Rust codes can be reused. It is accomplished by using modules that can be accessed by other modules.

Disadvantages of Rust

  1. There isn’t a good garbage collection system in place.
  2. Developers may take longer to learn and compile it.

What is Go?

Advantages of Go

  1. It is a simple and compiled programming language.
  2. Go is versatile, flexible, and quite easy to read.
  3. Go can easily be scalable and is time effective.
  4. In terms of memory safety, structural typing, and garbage collection.
  5. Detects the unused variable easily and has tools for static analysis.

Disadvantages of Go

  1. Despite having a strong library section, it lacks a UI toolkit.
  2. It has a problem with dependency management.
  3. It’s a high-level programming language with low-level capabilities.

RUST VS GO: Which programming language to choose?


Memory Management

Speed and Ease of Development



  • Go component that ensures good memory management is garbage collection. The absence of memory safety is one of the shortcomings of C that Go seeks to address.
  • Goroutines are another well-known feature of Go.
  • Go concurrency emphasizes the language’s multithreading capabilities.
  • Golang has binaries and package management.
  • Rust does not include garbage collection; instead, it relies on a borrow checker to ensure memory safety. The borrow checker ensures that data ownership rules are followed and that data races are avoided.
  • Error messages are yet another feature of Rust that helps programmers to create complex applications or software.
  • Rust also has features like Move semantics and pattern matching.
  • The zero-cost abstraction and data race avoidance features help to manage memory and enhance its performance.

Maintenance and Community

When to use Rust programming language?

  • Your primary priority is performance.
  • You’d rather prefer to have a secure memory than be a simple one.
  • Rather than threads, you desire fine-grained control while programming.
  • The correctness at runtime is more important to you than the speed while compiling.
  • You like programming written at the hardware level.

When to use Go programming language?

  • You’re more concerned with the code’s dependability and simplicity.
  • You require top-tier execution speed.
  • To develop a code fast, you choose a simple syntax and uncomplicated code.
  • You want a more versatile language that can handle huge online projects.



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