Top Mobile Apps In The UK- Category Wise

Games — Top Mobile Apps in the UK

The Cook

In this game, you are a chef and have a food truck that takes you to different locations across the world. Players can discover new and exciting recipes, cook dishes that are completely new, and ensure every single customer is happy. Currently, the app is available only on the App Store for iPhones and iPad devices, which isn’t surprising as the smartphone market share in the UK is dominated by Apple.

Cold Cases: Investigation

A mystery game in which you don the hat of a detective to solve thrilling murder cases and find the killer. Along the way, you will face a number of difficult puzzles, DNA samples, and murder weapons which will help you bring the culprit to justice.


The world’s number one card game is now on your mobile device. UNO has introduced new tournaments, rules, and adventures. Take part in challenges and compete with people from across the world, or invite friends to a group game of UNO. You can choose between the classic version or among hundreds of house rules.

Business — Top Mobile Apps in the UK

Microsoft Teams

Teamwork in Office 365 just got redefined with this useful app from Microsoft. It allows you to keep all your apps, files, team conversations, and meetings in a single workspace shared with every individual. You can access it on your smartphone while on the go, and easily get info on upcoming deadlines, or share new ideas with members.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

This app has quickly gained popularity and has dethroned Skype from the top spot of video calling mobile apps. You can initiate or join a 100-member video meeting with high-definition video and screen sharing, along with free instant messaging. You can share text, audio, and images from mobile or desktop to your Zoom contacts, which makes it furthermore useful.


Want to search for jobs, business opportunities, network with people or get the latest business updates? Linkedin is the place for all this. With a free account, you can follow influencers, get updates on job postings by target companies, connect with contacts, and apply for the latest openings. With a premium account, you can get more useful features that can assist during a job search.

Education — Top Mobile Apps in the UK


With Duolingo, you can learn spoken language skills with the help of mini-lessons that are designed like games. It will also help you to improve your reading, listening, writing, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills. Just start with simple sentences and phrases, and get introduced to new words every day.


Quizzes are a great way to learn new facts about a subject, and this is what Kahoot focuses on. Users can create personalized quizzes (each called a ‘Kahoot’), and play it anytime solo or with friends. As a result, many students, teachers, working professionals, and trivia enthusiasts are learning through this education app in the UK.

WordBit Angielski

This education mobile app has brought the innovative idea of letting people learn even when their phone is locked. Whether you are checking time, news, or watching YouTube, you can learn many new words and sentences every day automatically. Wordbit shows content in the perfect size so that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to learn new things. Also, there are innumerable sentence examples that you can refer to learn how to use new words in real life.

Lifestyle — Top Mobile Apps in the UK


Here you will get fresh and new ideas, beauty tips, designs, makeup inspiration, and other amazing content. Browse through millions of recipes, images, infographics, food ideas, or travel inspiration. Additionally, you also get access to DIY projects, health and fitness tips, and all sorts of lifestyle inspiration in the Pinterest mobile app for iOS and Android.


Meet pen friends, share your passion, write letters and collect stamps from across the globe, using the Slowly app. Don’t consider this as your regular dating or networking app, because the Slowly app brings the nostalgic pen friend experience to smartphones. You need to choose a nickname and avatar to get started and connect with people having common interests.

Family Locator

Wouldn’t it be good to always stay connected to the people who matter the most to you? Family Locator app helps you do exactly that. Make your private groups (called “Circles”) of loved ones, team members, or whoever is important to you and chat with them privately. Get access to the real-time location of people in your Circle on a map that is private to the members. Get notifications when members leave or arrive at destinations to know their location status.

Health and Fitness — Top Mobile Apps in the UK

Water tracker

To stay healthy, you need to stay hydrated. Water Tracker assists you to drink more and sends you reminders on a timely basis. The reminder can be customized as per need and you will also get access to your own water stats.

Strava: Run & Ride Training

You can keep a track of your fitness with the Strava tracker app, store your routes, bike trails, and analyze the stats for free. Users can track the swim pace, elevation achieved, track distance, and calories burned during activities. Also, you can push yourself through monthly challenges where you’ll be competing with other users.


One of the leading apps for fitness and health, Fitbit, is a rage among fitness lovers. Whether you own a Fitbit device or don’t, it doesn’t matter as you can use this app independently as well. Get free nutrition programs, sleep tools, workouts, and meditation tracks on this app. Create your own goals, earn badges and celebrate milestones with Fitbit. Additionally, you can connect with friends and join this inspiring community.



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