Top Mobile Apps in UAE (category wise)

Games: Top Mobile Apps in UAE

This category of mobile apps is the most popular among users across the globe. More than 24% of mobile apps fall under the ‘Games’ category. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The amount of time people spend on gaming mobile apps is only going to increase in the future. The main reason is the adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment it gives users, which is also supported by the addictive nature of games.

8 Ball Pool

Carrom Pool

Shooting Archery

Business: Top Mobile Apps in UAE

Also known as productivity mobile apps, they are placed at the second spot with 10% of apps under this category. Smartphones, nowadays are capable of performing many complex tasks on the fly, which is what these apps harness. Our software development company has crafted multiple successful business apps.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

UAE Pass

Microsoft Teams

Education: Top Mobile Apps in UAE

The smartphone age has not only simplified complex tasks but also revolutionized learning and education. There are several educational
mobile apps on both App Store and Play Store that help children learn through interactive games and puzzles. There are also e-learning MOOC apps that enable individuals to learn new skills free of cost. You can create a profitable educational application with our custom mobile app development services.

Google Classroom


EWA: Learn English Language

Lifestyle: Top Mobile Apps in UAE

These apps cover utilities such as shopping, wellness, fashion, and others. These apps cover the needs of the elite users and hence there is always something new on offer. Apps under the lifestyle category are generally very popular as they tend to a variety of needs of smartphone users.




Entertainment: Top Mobile Apps in UAE

These are the top mobile apps in the UAE that help people stay connected, signed in, and provide a bunch of fun activities and media content such as audio and video. In short, whenever we’re bored, entertainment apps always come to our rescue. Some of the top mobile apps in the UAE in the entertainment category are:






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